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3dash is a tiny static site generator created as a weekend project. I wanted a simple PHP solution, similar to Metalsmith, to create a tiny personal blog.

The concept is simple. There is a payload object with several properties, including files and assets. These two properties are associative arrays whose keys are pathnames and whose values are File instances.

The payload object is processed by a sequence of plugins. The resultant payload object's files and assets properties represent corresponding files generated in the output directory.


composer require nmcteam/3dash

You'll likely want these suggested packages, too, to get the most out of 3dash:

composer require erusev/parsedown intervention/image twig/twig


require './vendor/autoload.php';

use Nmc\Ssg;

$app = new Ssg\App(__DIR__ . '/site/content');
$app->add(new Ssg\Header\Ini());
$app->add(new Ssg\Plugins\Drafts());
$app->add(new Ssg\Plugins\PublishDate('date'));
$app->add(new Ssg\Body\Parsedown());
$app->add(new Ssg\Plugins\Collections([
    'recent_news' => [
        'pattern' => '#^/news/.*#',
        'sortBy' => 'date',
        'reverse' => true,
        'limit' => 2
$app->add(new Ssg\Plugins\Images());
$app->add(new Ssg\Plugins\Twig(__DIR__ . '/site/templates'));
$app->add(new Ssg\Plugins\FilesystemWriter('./build'));


See the README file for initial documentation. This will be expanded and improved in the future.



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1. Is 3dash stable and tested?

3dash should be considered experimental and certainly a pre-1.0 release. We tossed it together as a weekend project to solve our immediate needs. It works, but it's not officially tested. There are likely a few bugs.

2. Why not use something like Sculpin?

Indeed. Sculpin is awesome. But we wanted to scratch a personal itch and build something much smaller and simpler. 3dash is not intended for large complex sites. Think 1-5 page personal blog or brochure sites.

3. Do you provide support?

Personal one-on-one support? Nope. Email and phone? Nope. 3dash is provided AS-IS under the MIT Public License. We'll try our best to respond to issues in our GitHub repo, but that's the best we can promise.

4. Does 3dash work with PHP 8?

Maybe. We haven't used PHP 8 yet. It should, though! Definitely works with PHP 7.4.

5. I made a cool 3dash plugin. Will you add it to the main repo?

Maybe. Send us a link so we can check out your work! Worst case we'll happily link to your external repo.